UK Clay Pigeon Shooting Locations


The sport of shooting clay pigeons requires skill and patience to learn. However, one you get the basics down, it is one of the most rewarding activities that you can accomplish. Thankfully, the UK is filled with many different locations where you can go and hone your shooting skills. These venues cater to shooters of all skill levels. Many of them offer hands-on instruction for people who want to become professionals within the sport, or for those who simply wish to become better marksmen. Here are the top five clay pigeon shooting locations within the UK.

North England has some of the best clay pigeon shooting locations in all of the UK, and two of the top five can be found here. The first one is called Premier Clay Pigeon Shooting Chester, Cheshire. Many shooters come to this location to enjoy the beautiful countryside. The venue is housed on 250 acres, so there is plenty of room to shoot with ease. it features one-on-one coaching for even the most inexperienced shooters. The second venue within North England is owned by the same company as the one in Cheshire, and it is located in Skipton, North Yorkshire. This location is highly prized for its expert instructors.

North Bedfordshire is the location of one of the more popular clay pigeon shooting areas in the UK. Most people love the fact that there is a gun shop which contains every type of shotgun that you could imagine. This is the place where you go to buy ammunition and other shooting supplies. Perhaps the most fun aspect of this location, however, is that it conducts an activiity called “flurries.” When this occurs, multiple clay pigeons are released at heights of up to 150 feet, thus allowing the shooters to have multiple targets to choose from.

The Sussex Clay Pigeon Shooting venue is the place where you will find great amentities. They take care to provide excellent instruction for new shooters. This is what makes it the destination of choice for people who are brand new to the sport. Their one-to-one philosophy allows for indivual instruction, or small group instruction. It is also one of the more spacious locations. This might be important for people who have sensitive hearing. More space means that yo will not become deafened by the constant barrage of shots ringing out.

Lastly, one of the best locations to take teenagers to learn to shoot clay pigeons, is Clay Pigeon Shooting Dorset. Flexibility is the name of the game for this location. You can choose a 25 or 50 clay pigeon shooting lesson. Regardless of the option you take, you will notice that the lesson will go by extremely quickly. This is due to the fact that time goes by quickly when you’re having fun. The instructors at this location have decades of experience, and they will be sure to answer all of your questions as well. It is truly a fine establishment.