Reasons, and why Shoot Clay Pigeons


Hunters and marksmen who have shot clay pigeons attest to the fact that it is an activity that everyone enjoys. Indeed, after a round of safety lessons and expert instruction, children through adults can be up and shooting in no time. Clay pigeon shooting got its start in the UK, so it is understandable that the sport is wildly popular within this region of the world. However, new residents of the UK, or those who are simply visiting, might not fully understand the reasons behind taking part in clay pigeon shooting. There are many reasons why people choose this sport, but let’s take a look at the primary reasons why more people are shooting clay pigeons.

One of the most important reasons for shooting clay pigeons, is to improve accuracy. Hunters frequently take part in competitions or practice to help them to become more accurate. Live birds are difficult targets to hit. They are unpredictable, and sometimes several rounds from a shotgun is not enough to bring them down. Additionally, consider the fact that a hunter’s higher accuracy, leads to a greater likelihood that the animal dies quickly. In this regard, clay pigeon shooting makes the hunting of live birds in the wild much more ethical. Clean kill shots prevent suffering on the part of the animal.

Clay pigeon shooting is also an excellent way for teenagers and youth to take up the sport, while learning about gun safety. Some parents believe that the best way to keep children within the home safe from guns, is to eliminate the guns or to hide them. Unfortunately, hiding the guns leads to more tragic accidents, in the event that they are found by kids. Many families in the UK choose to openly teach their kids about the dangers of guns. This includes the proper way to operate a gun. Taking kids to a clay pigeon shooting range is a great way to promote gun safety, while teaching them how to safely handle a weapon.

Some people become completely engulfed within the clay pigeon shooting world. They choose to take advantage of the competitions which spring up each and every year throughout the region. The competition has become fierce, and clay pigeon shooting is even a part of the Olympic Games. Hunters or ex-military personnel love to shoot clay pigeons because it allows them to hone their skills. There are some shooters who have developed a professional career within this sport.

There are countless reasons why clay pigeon shooting is so popular in the UK. The sport allows families to do a fun and unique activity together. It also allows kids and young adults to experience the beauty of the outdoors. Many of the clay pigeon shooting ranges are located on many acres of beautiful countryside. Once you try shooting clay pigeons you will be amazed at the sense of accomplishment you will feel from hitting your first target. If you’re interested in trying it out, there are many locations to choose from within all parts of the UK.