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Clay pigeon shooting is quickly becoming one of the most popular outdoor sports in all of the UK. This sport requires participants to use hand-eye coordination, while operating a firearm safely. The clay pigeons are actually disc-like objects which are, in fact, made out of clay. When people partake in clay pigeon shooting, they have many different options. The clay pigeons are either shot out of a machine, or they are thrown by another person far out into the air. Shooters must be able to follow the clay pigeon with their guns, and then hit the moving target. Sometimes this is made much more difficult due to wind conditions, or the distance between the shooter and the projectile.

One of the advantages to shooting clay pigeons is that they show a hit quite easily. This is especially important during during professional competitions. Judges will determine if the shooter made a successful hit or not by seeing the clay pigeon split apart. Generally speaking, a clay pigeon will burst into a cloud of highly visible dust, so it is easy to see when contact has been made. There are some competitions which require the clay pigeon to be hit in its entirety, as opposed to allowing the shooter to get points from partial hits. Clay pigeons come in a variety of different colours to help judges and shooters to track their flight through the air.

Perhaps one of the most important aspects of this sport, is gun safety. Those who wish to delve into the sport of clay pigeon shooting will need to take gun safety and training classes. One of the main reasons for this, is that the shooter must track a moving object through the air. If he or she loses concentration, and follows the clay pigeon in the direction of other people, then the consequences can be tragic. However, once you have a firm understanding of safety measures you will be ready to shoot. There are great locations across the UK which cater to those who seek gun safety training.

Some people refer to clay pigeon shooting as a form of target practice, while others view it as a sport in itself. Either way, you will need to take a class or two to become familiarised with this type of shooting endeavour. There are licensed instructors all across the UK who can help you to learn the basics of the sport. These classes are typically held when it is the most convenient for you to attend, such as after work or on the weekends.

Once you become familiarised with the basics, you’ll be ready to shoot. if you search online you will find gun ranges which allow you to partake in clay pigeon shooting. Most of them require you to buy the clay pigeons or targets. You can bring your own gun, or simply rent one from the establishment. The most popular type of firearm used in clay pigeon shooting is a shotgun. Most people prefer this firearm because it gives them the best chance to hit the target.